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La Clownessa Film is a non-profit cultural association that mainly deals with cinema through the production and distribution of short films in particular. The goal is to support and promote Italian independent cinema.

La Clownessa Film is located in the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, a Unesco World Heritage Site and the main area of the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve. A territory that contains suggestive atmospheres where time and space seem suspended and where the gaze is lost in the wide expanses causing almost a feeling of melancholy.
This land bathed by the waters of the sea and the river sometimes arouses a perception of loss, other times a deep sense of freedom. A space that in winter, timidly, hides in its mists but which in the summer is illuminated by genuinely offering its nakedness.

Delta del Po and famous movies

Many filmmakers of the past have chosen this land as the location for their films. We mention Mario Soldati for La donna del fiume with Sofia Loren, Roberto Rossellini with Paisà, Luchino Visconti with Ossessione, Pupi Avati with The house with La casa dalle finestre che ridono, Carlo Mazzacurati with Italian night, Giuseppe Bertolucci with I cammelli, Michelangelo Antonioni with Il grido. Just to name a few.

Location scouting

Location scouting is the pre-production phase of a film in which the most suitable places for external shooting are identified. Thanks to our knowledge of the territory we can help the productions wishing to shoot in our region by finding the most suggestive locations, providing a logistic assistance service and taking care of all the aspects inherent to the territory.



A heartfelt thanks to the newspapers La Discussione, La Voce for the articles published on the film project of IL DITO E LA LUNA for its presentation in Venice.


We inform you that IL CIRCO DEI FELLINI was screened at the CA ‘FOSCARI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL at the Santa Margherita Auditorium, the Archaeological Museum and the Levi Foundation.


We are proud to inform you that the teaser of the film project of THE FINGER AND THE MOON has been shown at the 78th CINEMATOGRAPHIC ART EXHIBITION IN VENICE.

Our short movies

Our business is focused on the production of short films with an artistic and poetic profile. Each of our stories is born with the intent to excite and touch the soul of our viewer.

Il dito e la luna

The short film Il dito e la luna intends to focus attention on how, even today, prejudices, beliefs rooted in outdated thought patterns, taboos, etc. they can affect the life of those who suffer them. Not feeling accepted, understood, accepted causes intense discomfort that can manifest itself in various ways.
At the same time, the film project intends to highlight how even where there seems to be no space for art and creativity, they push to the point of overflowing. There is no way to silence that impetus dictated by the soul of a talent and, even if in an artistically and culturally not very fertile environment, creativity flourishes in all its glory without pre-established codes and imposed rules.

The Fellini Circus

The waters broke and the labor pains began their course. Ms. Fellini, the mother clown, is already positioned and ready for the big event: giving birth to her first child. To help Giroballa, Joe and Nini, three clownesses of dubious competence in the field of obstetrics. In less than no time here comes the clown father, Mr. Fellini, riding his unicycle with a flower for his bride. On seeing the suffering wife, he faints. To help him the three clownesses who, in the attempt to revive him, lose sight of their mother. At that moment the miracle happens: Federico Fellini was born! The white clown with his trumpet intones the first notes.

Florindo e Carlotta - The secret life of snails

Florindo is a disabled poet who has come to collect a prize of poetry in a village forgotten by the world; Struggling to get home, he faces continuous obstacles.
Carlotta is a prostitute who works on one of the endless streets of these desolate places and lives in an old farmhouse with coworkers, extravagant characters and failed artists.
Their meeting will change both their lives.

The Toast

The narrative is built around several episodes in the daily lives of five characters (three female and two male), taken either at work in the fields or in playful moments set in the local landscape of the banks of the great river and the sea, pine forests and countryside.
The short opens with the meeting of three friends / co-workers in a day of celebration that, for one of them, will completely transform her life. Love at first sight, a predestined fate, recognition in the instant of a look, it is love that enters into the life of the two protagonists.

Web spot

Web spot “Palestra Attori”

2 November 2019

Spot Palestra Attori with kind partecipation of Elio Germano per la collecting Artisti 7607 Roma – Città dell’Altra Economia

Subject, shooting, direction and editing of Rossella Bergo.

There is no way to silence that impetus dictated by the soul of a talent.. creativity flourishes in all its glory without pre-established codes and imposed rules.

Il dito e la luna

Cine Shots

Here are some cine shots taken from our films. We take great care in directing, shooting, storytelling and cinematic aesthetics. But the technique remains a sterile exercise of style if it is not accompanied by the heart and the pleasure that is derived from describing the facets of the human soul.

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