The Fellini Circus

The waters broke and the labor pains began their course. Ms. Fellini, the mother clown, is already positioned and ready for the big event: giving birth to her first child. To help Giroballa, Joe and Nini, three clownesses of dubious competence in the field of obstetrics. In less than no time here comes the clown father, Mr. Fellini, riding his unicycle with a flower for his bride. On seeing the suffering wife, he faints. To help him the three clownesses who, in the attempt to revive him, lose sight of their mother. At that moment the miracle happens: Federico Fellini was born! The white clown with his trumpet intones the first notes.

Title: Il Circo dei Fellini
Format: cortometraggio
Runtime: 1 minuto e 45 secondi
Production: 2020
Country of origin: Italia
Language: film muto
Director: Rossella Bergo
Assistant director: Alessandro Menale
Editing: Rossella Bergo
Music: Silvano Pozzato
Cast: Michela Varesano, Glauco Siviero, Pierre Farenga, Graziana Bergo, Josephine Scandi, Rossella Bergo, Ilaria Turrin
Distribution: La Clownessa Film

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